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Build Wealth Through FOREX TRADING
Learn to become an expert FOREX TRADER

What is Online Trading

Buying & Selling of Currencies and Stock online is called Online trading, It can be performed through a Computer/Smartphone.


How To Proceed

You can start online trading within a few minutes by opening an account on the suggested platform from us. It takes less than 5 minutes.


Why Us ?

Our team has vast experience on Forex trading that inludes currencies, commodities, stocks and binary options. You will be able to get guidance and trading tips from us time to time.


About Us

Our journey of life is very fascinating, motivational and inspiring for new investors and also to those who have lost their money while trading in stock market. As of born and brought up in middle class family is being common man with uncommon and innovative thinking. We are a total pack of successes & failures, joys and sorrows, ups and downs in life while trading in stock market. This experience gave an opportunity to us to become full time investor overcoming obstacles being foolish retail investors. We have passion to get to know right moves in stock market to become a successful investor.

Successful Trading Skills

Trader must have to develop these three skills to achieve success in trading

  • • Working knowledge of trading platform
  • • Proven, tested, highly accurate trading system
  • • Psychologically strong

Following points should be keep in mind for successful in trading

  • • Grab market opportunity
  • • Take hints on eventual outcomes from trading.
  • • Be patience
  • • Crystal clear working knowledge of trading
  • • Move from fear to strength
  • • Disciplined, focused and relaxed state of mind

Get Started


These are the requirements to start your journey of Online Trading. Your personal details with an ID proof for verification & access to your funds through International Debit/Credit Card to make deposit to the trading account. Or you can also Use Digital wallets to make Deposit


Digital wallets are the payment processors who help you to do online transactions. It is similar to the Paytm walet in India. You can open your digital wallet account in Neteller (Recommended by us). By signing up on Make sure you verify your account using your National ID.


Now it is time to register your account with the trading platform, we recommend IQOPTION to be our trading platform for quick and easy setup. Click the below link/Image and Register using your email id if you are using a Computer. Or Download the app using the same link & register your account.


Once your account is registered and verified through email and phone, you can fund your account with the amount you desire to trade. We recommend you to deposit more than 150 $ to get a decent returns. Call us after funding your account, we will guide you about how to use the platform and the settings which you can make in order to increase your success rate.

Ideology behind this

We know the pain & struggle we have went through during the time we started finding an online solution for extra income. In the later stages we realised that it can be a life changing opportunity if we can build our career in online trading, this made us to go through all kind of circumstances and during the course of learning and doing research on it, so now we want to guide the beginners and the people who are still struggling to make out what it is.


Mission of our team

We never want to leave a stone behind, in the way of your endeavors to achieve success in your trading career. Our ultimate goal is to give you a kind of knowledge and confidence to become completely indepenedant and achieve financial freedom. We strive for your success.


We are always ahead.
Professional Solutions for Your Business.


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Online trading course is completely free. We will give you step by step guidance to create your account, trade and withdraw the profit to your bank account.
No, your income is totally dependent on the success rate of your trading. You can seek our guidance to execute the trades.
But you can always ask us when to start and stop trading and how the market situation is.
We have got contact with several traders who constantly keep an eye on market movements, if you wish to hand over your account to someone who can give you assured fixed returns we can always refer you to those traders.
Yes, in order to do online trading you have to make a small investment (150 $ or more is recommended) to earn a decent amount of income.
During the training, we will guide you or personally execute the trades for a couple of days showing you how our trading strategy works practically, so you can assured that if you adopt similar strategy your success rate will be high
According to our knowledge and calculations, you can make approximately 20 $ a day with a very low amount of risk using minimum investment of 150$. Note: These figures are based on the average results.


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